Providing Small Business Solutions

Small Office

If you are planning a small office (1-10 people) you can get the most for your money by purchasing the correct equipment at the start.

* network switch 1GB with 24 ports, while pricier than the 100MB switch it is a single purchase that reaps long term rewards, D-Link puts out some nice energy efficient products

* All-In-One printer, stay away from HP, Brother is the way to go - they consistently win end users surveys, make sure it has a network interface

* server - only buy one if you have a dedicated application that benefits from the platform - if you are buying an EMR or practice management application then plan on a server, if you are a real estate or insurance office then you probably would benefit from NAS more than a server

* NAS - a shared storage device that also acts as a backup device for server

* VPN router - something that allows secure remote access

* don't buy MS Office, check out LibreOffice instead