Providing Small Business Solutions

Current Openings

We're always looking for capable people to expand our business. To encourage our staff to excel we provide a $100 bonus for every technical test you pass. Send your resume to jobs-at-vegastech-dot-net

  • responsible
  • presentable
  • smart
  • dependable

Tech I   $10/hr, 10 hrs/week, 1099

This is an entry level psoition. Ideally you have or are getting ready to take your A+ certification. There is a lot of proxy work here. What's that mean? When on-site jobs are required you will be the one running to the site doing the job and then calling back to the office for support outside of your skillset. Consequently appearance and the way you present yourself is very important.

  • basic computer knowledge including components and software
  • basic troubleshooting skills, preferably very good hardware troubleshooting skills
  • basic knowledge of TCP/IP networking
  • lots of grunt work

Tech II/III   $13/hr, 10-20 hrs/week, 1099

The position starts as a Tech II, as you prove yourself you are promoted to a Tech III.

  • MS Exchange - knowledge of building, installing, and maintaining datastores
  • VPNs - building, installing, maintaining; IPSEC site-to-site and site-to-client
  • DBs - knowledge of MySQL, MSSQL; backup and restore db
  • Virtual Machines - knowledge of building, installing, maintaining VMware Server, VMware ESXi
  • Active Directory - group policies, domain design, domain migration
  • services - working knowledge of DNS, DHCP, web, portal services on various Microsoft and Linux platforms
  • networking - router configuration, Vyatta, TCP/IP, subnetting
  • VoIP - Cisco Small Business Solutions (previously Linksys LVS), Trixbox, Asterisk

Contractors to Hire $millions all based on you

Are you doing the 'one man IT shop'? While commendable, it is an exercise in futility. You're never going to get ahead because you'll never have enough coverage. It took me a couple years to come that conclusion. By joining up with VegasTech you can concentrate on your interests and strengths. We have entry level techs to address the daily small issues which allows you to work on the big issues

The big picture is you join us and keep supporting your own clients. Your income is directly related to your client base. It doesn't matter whether you have 5 or 50 clients. If you need assistance with your base be it time or talent you pull what you need out of the IT pool of VegasTech. Ideally you'll become a VegasTech employee and continue to make money off your base, perform the work that interests you, and add more income through better time management.

  • coverage - want to take a few days/weeks off? As a loner you have to hope your clients understand and no meltdowns happens while you are unavailable. Or you could join up with VegasTech
  • money - good at tech but lousy at accounting? You could figure out the whole A/R process, deal with chasing money, managing the local taxes, etc Or you coud join VegasTech, our accounting department takes care of all of that
  • inventory - hate tying up money in inventory? If you need a widget today and have to run to the local superstore you are paying retail and loosing money. Or you caould join VegasTech, we have an inventory of pieces/parts that we purchase ahead of time. You just pull the item out of inventory and you're ready to go.